Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tomb Raider: Lara Croft returns in the series best game to date.


Some 16 years have passed since the original Tomb raider game, and after a long and not always succesful series of games, the long awaited reboot is here.

Tomb Raider starts with a younger version of the Lara Croft whe have come to know (an origin story how.....original) More student than adventurer, more girl than woman, less busty and more natural looking. Shipwrecked on an unknown island, young Lara must learn to survive not only the terrible conditions on the island, but also the cult that inhabits it.

So is it any good? Was this version of Tomb Raider worth the wait? In one word: yes.

In terms of presentation it's beautiful; from Lara's many sublte animations, the changing weather, lightning effects, to the overal look of the island. It also doesn't hurt that in creating a believable character, they ditched the double d-cup.

Since this game is realeased after the hugely succesful Uncharted series, comparisons can not be avoided. Bearing in mind that without the original Tomb raider there would have been no Uncharted, the similarities are striking. Huge action setpieces and gameplay mechanics are found here as well. If you are hoping that this reboot would reinvent the genre, you'll be disappointed.

Those of you who like their games suspenseful, filled with amazing setpieces and a gripping story have come to the right place; Tomb raider delivers on all of these. Although the storytelling isn't always as elegant, and sometimes repetitive (find your crewmembers, get seperated, repeat) the 12 hours or so you'll spend in singleplayer are a blast, and you'll definetly play through this multiple times. It's just that much fun. Add to that an impressive amount of collectibles that can be found, weapon upgrades, and a harder difficulty setting will make sure you.

Tomb raider's gameplay is also better than it has ever been. Lara's controls fluid but it's the combat that takes the biggest leap from previous Tomb Raider games: smooth and fast and precise. Once you get the hang of it Lara is a force to be reckoned with. The upgrades to the weapons make her even more powerful. In fact, a seasoned gamer might want to start on the hard difficulty setting to avoid it from becoming to easy.

Tomb Raider is a succesful reboot. A fanpleasing rollercoaster of a game that does what previous tomb raider games promised; deliver an engrossing tale packed with action and a great combat system. It doesn't reinvent Lara or the genre but still delivers it's best game in the franchise. Bring on Tomb Raider 2 for next gen consoles please.